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Исполнитель: Cannibal Corpse - [Kill 2006]

Название песни: Five Nails Through The Neck

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Текст песни:

Alex Webster

Knock him out with chloroform
Surreptitious trapping tack
Drag the body to the trunk
Take the captive into the house and down into the basement

Binding method is extreme
Unconscious i will pierce the hands and feet
Arms and legs nailed to the wood
Beneath the table blood is forming shallow pools

Perforate the abdomen
Punctured organs start to fail
Mounting pain revives the man
His gaze meets mine then panic starts, he is immobilized

Head is thrashing from the pain
I must nail it to the wood with long sharp nails
Penetration of the flesh
Five dozen nails will hold him down

Five nails
My hammer pounds them, the steel secures him
Five nails
My victim conscious, he is immobile
I raise my hammer and aim for the throat

Five nails through the neck

Trachea is torn
Gasping sounds are heard
Life is leaving him
But not soon enough

Agony, torturous

Long nails penetrate
Through the flesh and bone
Table dripping blood
Victim full of holes

Suffer, merciless

(Solo: Pat O’Brien)

Five nails through the
Five nails through the neck

Sixty nails adorn the fool
Twelve on each leg and arm
Four of them aerate his face
Three puncture his abdomen and leave his vitals oozing

I step back and view my work
Torture victim lies drained of life
Outside world will never know
How many nails the victim felt before he died

Five nails through the neck

Cannibal Corpse Five Nails Through The Neck
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