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Исполнитель: CunninLynguists

Название песни: Die For You

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Дата добавления: 2014-10-26

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Текст песни:

What do you do if there comes a day when I lose my way?
What will you do?
Oh I would stand by you? (Word?)
Pray for you (Oh yeah?)
If it would help I'd even die for you

[Verse 1:]
Yo I spent too many nights drowned in seclusion
Over against my own will surrounded by illusions
Fighting to stay positive, however losing
Cause my personality was founded on the conclusion that
The human heart does more than just pump blood
It pumps love, at least I know that mine did once
But a large piece of it was undone
And washed away by painful rains but when the sun comes
Scars heal and we learn from our mistakes
Some people sometimes their purpose is to hate
But be certain of your faith and you'll acquire the ability
To expose witches and burn them at the stake
I'm looking for love, I'm done searching for a date
I been alone for years but it's worth it if you wait
Personally late's better than never at all
So when I brush myself off whenever I fall tell me

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Verse 2:]
Oh yaeh? That's what the last one said
Unfortunately I was mad misled
I ran on E until no more gas was left
The most I got from her was ass and bread
The trust was lost like Kanye's fashion sense
Accidents happen when you live with the weak
But it's not an accident when you make a conscious decision to cheat
That's enough reason to get into beef
Throw all your spouse's shit on the street, quit and retreat
But these are the breaks, its told by Kurtis Blow
So please for my sake, stay by me, this earth is cold
And I'm freezing like I've been laying in dirt and snow
I've searched the globe for a person who knows
The true meaning of love, you could be the one
If you mean what you say we could link up
And use what we've learned from our exes in the past
But wait cause I got another question to ask and that's

[Repeat Chorus:]

[Verse 3:]
Sounds good and if you mean it, I'll hook up with you
Deceiving hug, your body squeezing your love while I feed it
The touch of a king when you're my queen
Your trust is the the key in every relationship another human being's
You see it, they try to rush it for no reason
But looks can be deceiving like books you're never reading
Only judge by the cover art so don't let it crush your heart
When they try to use jealousy to pull our love apart
That's when the thunder starts followed by the rain
But the first line of this song already explained
That my arteries were drained, now all of me is tamed
So stay beside me cause I don't wanna be estranged
Two warm bodies on a page
As soon as time found them they were saved
And still made it to this day
But if this shit ever change and if I ever lose my way
Just stay and I'mma do the same

[Repeat Chorus:]

CunninLynguists - Die for You (ft. Mr. SOS)
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